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Carmen Coduri
8610 Uster

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Carmen Coduri was born on June 14th 1969. Her father is Italian from Pordenone and her mother Swiss and she grew up in Zürich, Switzerland. Already as a child she began painting and when she was 8/9 years old she took a course in traditional Farmer Style painting and she did her first oil painting when she was 11 years old. At fiftheen she went to Italy- Torino, for 5 months. Back in Switzerland, she spent 3 years at a commercial school in Zürich. With 20 years she did a 5 month Computergrafikdesigner-Education, but after working half a year in a big Computer-Company, she left Switzerland for New York and she stayed there for about 5 months. She took a language course at Columbia University but in reality she wanted to be an actress… She made some pictures, went to Model-Agencies etc., made setcards… and sent them all over to New York. But she came back disillusioned, because its very difficult to become  an actress or model that way.

So she decided in Switzerland to be an artist- and she began to paint and paint again. She had her first Atelier in a big Garage and she also made plaster Sculptures. And took a course at an Art-School in Act-Painting. With 24 years she rented a big Galerie in Zürich and had her first Exhibition. But she was disappointed again, because she was a big dreamer. But afterwards she could work too sometimes with two famous Sculptors in Zürich and learned so to make Sculptures from stone…

In 1992 she had a horrible accident! Her Boyfriend stabbed her 11 times! Once in the heart, but she survived.

In 1994, when she was 25 years she came for the first time in a Psychiatric Hospital, where they gave her with violence Medications etc., she fled after two weeks, because it was so horrible. They told her, she was: Manic-Depressive! Between 1994 and 2004 she was in Hospital more than 9 times again, many times with Police-Violence, even once in 1998 in Paris-F- and in 2002 in Athen-Greece.- But even there, she painted… and before that she had some more Exhibitions, like in Kulturmobil or Gallery Manesse and in 1999 at the Psychiatric University Hospital Burghölzli or in 2003 in an office, where she still works 50 %.

In 1997 she almost died during a 2-Week-Sculpturist Course in a little town in Ticino, the Italian part of Switzer-land, because of a burst appendix. She was lucky again.She had an operation in Locarno at the last minute.

She still has to take strong Medication, but she keeps on painting and making Sculptures…. and trying her best, to get better and come out of her sickness... Maybe somebody will help her make and sell her Sculptures in real Bronze…? …..  Will a dream come true or will it not…?!

Because her Art is her Life...






Gallery P’Art, Zürich


Stauffacherstr. Zürich


Gallery Manesse, Zürich
Benefit Group-Exhibition


Kulturmobil, Zürich


Psychiatric University Hospital, Burghölzli, Zürich


In & out Bürodienst, Bubikon



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